Beer tour Prague offers:

Beer tour Prague this is four-hour excursion to most famous pubs in Prague with Pilsner Beer. The best light bottom-fermented lager in the world. Come and experience the true atmosphere of the iconic pubs.

We always choose three beerhouses from these most legendary pubs: U Zlatého Tygra, U Hrocha, U Jelínků, U Černého vola and U Pinkasů. These are Prague pubs where it is not easy to get a reservation. They have great Pilsner beer (Pilsner Urquell) here for decades and unrepeatable and true atmosphere. You will get to know the legends behind the tap bars and at the tables.

Our guide will also show you what the Czechs eat with Pilsner beer, tell you local stories and explain to you Czech beer culture.

Part of Beer tour Prague is of course also a walk through the Prague historical center. Within the transfer between the pubs, we have carefully planned a route for you to experience the best of the Prague atmosphere and places.

Come with us to taste unique Pilsner beer and visit most noteworthy Prague pubs and have fun.

Cheers for the beers!

The price of Beer tour Prague 45 € includes:

  • reservations at three legendary pubs
  • our guide and expert
  • 6 large beers (6 x 0.5 liter Pilsner Urquell)
  • one traditional meal (pork knee, schnitzel in potato pancake, goulash etc.)
  • tasting of renowned delicacies (such as Talián, beer cheese, matjes herrings, “utopenec”, headcheese, rollmop, etc.)
  • and, of course, a bunch of both funny and serious stories, tied to the individual pubs and places. We will also explain and show you why the Pilsner needs to be draught right, and how to do it.

Beer tour Prague is available in English language. The number of participants is limited up to 5 persons because we want everyone to get the best experience. The guide is then able to give enough attention to each of you, and we do not want to disturb the atmosphere of those pubs where businss still does not dominate over the genius loci.