What is Czech beer culture?

Czechs drink an average of 138 litres of beer per person per year. No wonder it´s know as “liquid bread”. Beer is a core part of national identity and there’s no denying that Czechs love the beer. Our love affair with it goes far deeper than simply drinking it-there’s a well-established Czech beer culture surrounding the beverage.

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You will experience the genuine atmosphere of old times, when it was a real holiday to pause and enjoy a glass of sparkling golden drink with a snow-white foam. We have selected the most prestigious pubs in the heart of Prague. The pubs with the best draft Pilsner beer. The pubs, where it is worth to enjoy traditional Czech hospitality with its atmosphere and listening to the stories of each of them. On the historical premises of which the history blends with the spirit of today’s times not only in the form of the tapsters and waiters, but also the regulars.


The regulars (štamgasts) will normaly drink 8-12 beers a night, and go to the pub 2-3 times a week. Štamgasts has always been and still are an integral part of the Czech beer culture 🙂 They created and still create the unmistakable atmosphere where you can spot two different people from two different layers of society having two completely different jobs at one table connected through the smoothness of well-treated and draught beer that gives them an irresistible desire to discuss any topic imaginable.


Tapster is probably the most important people in a pub. In Czech we say ‘the Brewer brews the beer and the Tapster makes the beer”. He is the god of pub with knowledge passed down over generations. It is a very pround and respected position in Czech Republic.


The first brewery in the Czech territories opened in 993 AD and now there are 435 breweries.

The history of beer in the modern Czech Republic goes with the creation of Pilsner Urquell in 1842. Pilsner Urquell is the godfather of all lagers in Czech lands, but it´s just different to other beer. This beer should have a superior flavour, with rich and full malt body. It should have noticeably bittersweet and the spice hop aromas pronounced. Pilsner beer should be served with thick foam to protect the beer.

Beer tour Prague and Czech beer culture

With a respectful memory of all the visitors and tapsters of these pubs, both the famous and the unknown, we are glad to welcome you amongst us – the proud lovers of Pilsen beer, its tradition and its history. It will be our pleasure to accompany you on this journey and to show you the part of our Czech heritage just as we honor it and as we like it. We believe that our message will help you understand why Czechs drink Pilsner beer with a real passion. That you understand with Beer tour Prague, what is Czechs beer culture.