U Hrocha

Beer tour Prague: U Hrocha

The last of the pubs in the Lesser Town of Prague with an authentic atmosphere.

Pub U Hrocha it regularly places in various polls, as one of the best Pilsen pubs with the beer on tap. Just for the great beer and atmosphere the pub was awarded the best Czech pub in 2012 by the magazine Pivo, Beer & Ale.

Inside the small room with Gothic ceilings, last old inhabitants living in the Lesser Town of Prague meet members of the Houses of Parliament and also people coming from various parts of the Czech Republic.

At first sight it looks like an inconspicuous and shabby beerhouse. Sometimes, here “smells” a beer cheese. But you can find Pilsen beer which is perfectly treated (they use classic beer barrels). A brief menu written down on the sign on the wall, with the fabulous headcheese “tlačenka”, kippered herrings “matjesy”, pickled sausages “utopenec”, rollmop “zavináč” etc.

The picture of the emperor Franz Joseph I., hanging above the tap bar, like in the period of the Austrian – Hungarian Empire. Necessary artifacts of hippopotamuses in a hundred ways, peculiar service and other details fitt together to create a mosaic of the legendary pub. “U Hrocha” is one of few pubs in the centre of the town, which hardly ever figures in tourist guides.

Our long-lasting relationships with the habitués and the staff have given us a huge privilege. That is to invite you to taste their renowned beer on tap and local specialities. And to experience one of the last flashes of the former glory of the pubs in the Lesser Town of Prague. The place to which all inhabitants of Prague used to go to enjoy the atmosphere and renowned beer.

Come with Beer Tours Prague to U Hrocha “Cheers!” as we say in Czech “Na zdraví!”.