Jelínkova Plzeňská pivnice

Beer tour Prague: U Jelínků

“U Jelínků” – a bartenders were tapping Pillsner Beer in the centre of Prague, as long ago as 1926. And many a beer drinker would swear that it is the best of all in this dingy little pub.

Jelínkova plzeňská pivnice – Czechs shorten the name of the pub to “U Jelínků”. This is very small pub with three small rooms. We recommend besides Pilsner beer, a renowned specialty called “talian”, to which are connected many stories and legends. This specialty has its origin at the end of 19th century. Italian butcher named Emanuel Uggé started to produce this un-smoked – but cooked – sausage in Old Prague Town. The sausage is fine, made of both pork and beef meat with combination of spices (pepper, ginger, cardamom and garlic).

The first chapters of the novel by Jaroslav HašekThe Good Soldier Svejk” were created at the tables of this pub. Various societies of actors, musicians and writers have come together and are still meeting here; “one-time” officials and bankers from surrounding authorities and banks often come back as well as craftsmen and those who are only passing by.

The daughter of the founder of the pub, Mrs. Matěnová, worked in the pub for more than half a century. Some of the local habitués have been here for more than 30 years. In this pub you will find everything and learn about everything.

This small local, with a bar that has a homely atmosphere where time seems to have stood still. We can by enjoyed Pilsner beer and talian in the same atmosphere as before. The genium loci has been preserved in the pub, where for decades there has been excellent Pilsner Urquell, ‘talian’ and a matchless atmosphere.

That is why we included “U Jelínků” in our Beer Tour Prague. We are looking forward to enjoying a great atmosphere with you in this famous and iconic Prague pub.