U Pinkasů

Beer tour Prague: U Pinkasů

U Pinkasů is the restaurant in which the first Pilsner beer on tap in Prague.

Mr. Jakub Pinkas, a tailor and later the first owner of the U Pinkasů Restaurant, asked his friend to bring him the new lager from Pilsen for tasting in 1843. Mr. Salzmann obliged his friend’s request and brought him two barrels. These two barrels of Plzeňský Prazdroj subsequently decided the future of one of the most famous Czech pubs. Thanks to quality of beer, the U Pinkasu Pub became almost immediately a centre of social and political happenings.

Already in the 19th century, the U Pinkasů Restaurant became a centre of Czech patriotism. Frothy beer glasses have heard many tales in our country. The politicians and other prominent figures (Masaryk, Palacký, Jungmann etc.) of Czech history met there. That is one of the reasons why the rooms of the beer house have names such as Upper House and Lower House.

U Pinkasů was and is a purely traditional Czech pub in which Pilsner beer has been on tap for more than 170 years. The fact that about six thousand hectolitres of the beer is consumed per year is a also testament to the quality of the local beer. The reason for such vast consumption was simple. Some people came to the Pinkas establishment for a drink or two. But record holders counted their daily amounts in tens of half-litre glasses. The pub’s record is over one hundred half-litre measures in a single day.

The premises of the former beer cellar and the ice house are restored as well. Over the summer, a beautiful Gothic garden in the immediate vicinity of the Church of Our Lady of the Snows is opened at the restaurant.

Beer tour Prague invites you to a beer to “U Pinkasů”.